A Little Words About Me

Morita Sokei

Urasenke certified instructor

Urasenke Tankokai San Diego Association. Together, association members host and participate in public tea presentations of Chanoyu. 


I have been practicing Chado (tea ceremony) for 18years.

I started the chado because I wanted to share Japanese culture with my daughters growing up in the U.S., not only the events, but also the spirit of the Japanese culture. I was fascinated by its depth and breadth.

I am also moved by the sincere interest that many Americans have in chado, and I am now working daily not only to introduce Japanese culture, but also to convey how chanoyu can contribute to bringing peace of mind, which is a universal human desire.

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Students get to know each other through Nodate (outdoor tea ceremony) in the spring, BBQ in the summer, and holiday parties in the winter.

For the general public interested in chanoyu, we offer experience courses, demonstrations, and tea introduction classes.

Experience Courses@ PARU tea bar(7441 Girard Ave, Suite B La Jolla, California 92037)

Tea demonstration @ Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park

Tea introductory class @ Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park

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“Peacefulness through a bowl of tea”